Factors to note while hiring online marketing solutions.

Simply developing a website and releasing it in the online market is not enough to take your business to success. Equal effort has to be put into marketing the products to the target group at which it is aimed. Marketing must be properly done to ensure that your website is recognized by people and then only will they come and purchase your products and services. You can either market your website on your own with minimal costs or invest in a reputable online marketing solution company to do the job for you. There are many such companies in the internet and you should not be fooled by some company who claims to bring your website ranking on top of Google search engine results and despite paying them thousands of dollars they cannot get you the required results. You can also try and learn to do web marketing solutions by yourself using tutorial lessons. This is not only cheaper, but it adds up to your skills that you can use for years to come.

With the skills you earn from these classes, you can develop your own web marketing solutions creatively. In online marketing, the most important factor to consider is to focus on the right kind of customers. For ex; if your website is for a toyshop, it should be designed so as to attract kids and not old people. Each factor about the site should be colorful and attractive so that kids get attracted to it. A professional online marketing solution company will take care of all such factors and ensure that your site gets maximum hits.

Note: Link removed by moderator

Care to declare any interest in the link you provided? This reads like one of those pages in a newspaper that has to have the qualifier [THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT] at the top of the page.

Yeah, looks like spam.

yes it is … I found it always funny when ppl asks me why I code my forums and blogs by myself, when there are so much ready2go out there … it’s the only way to get rid of spam :wink:

We get 1 or 2 SEO link spam posts every day that I flag for deletion here. Not a big problem right now, maybe if the forum grows it might become more difficult to moderate…

They’re extremely easy to spot though, these must be bots, I don’t think a human being could be that stupid as to post something so irrelevant, knowing it’ll probably get deleted.

I think we should turn links into “nofollow” links, that always reduces the amount of seo spam.

Yes, spam is ramping up a bit so we’ll have to investigate more aggressive options for dealing with it. A few weeks ago I disabled the automatic spam detection on the forum, as it was getting too many false positives. Looks like it needs to come back in some form though.

Settings links to “nofollow” might help, but I’d still like to reward genuine posters with real, dofollow links. Maybe we need another group for “Verified Users”, for people who are confirmed to post quality content, and will be allowed to post dofollow links.

Has anyone had a positive experience with any anti-spam plugins for MyBB?

No, I haven’t had any experience with that, but I’d like to support your “Verified Users” idea, I like that!

A nice way, I’ve seen over the net is, that new users have to make their first post in the “anounce yourself” section before they can post somewhere else. I am not sure, if MyBB can do this out of the box …

I dunno. Have you tried reading the Android Developers group on Google Groups? Plenty on there …

Haha no, luckily I haven’t. But like I said, I think those are mostly bots. There’s plenty of software services that automate such spamming for SEO links. And it’s only gonna get worse with fiverr.com around…

You can also try setting it (don’t know if it’s possible with MyBB) is to disable links of any kind for the user until they reach a certain number of posts (so maybe after 5 posts they can have links in post and after 20 they can have it in their signature). Some forums do this and it’s pretty effective if their purpose is to just get a linkback.

What I’ve done so far:

  • Disabled any links on profile for users with less than 5 posts
  • Disabled signature for users with less than 5 posts
  • Added reCaptcha and custom anti-spam questions to signup form
  • Check new registrations against StopForumSpam.com for known spammer email addresses

This seems to be working pretty well. There have still been a couple of spammers in the past few weeks, but nothing like what we were getting before. Will just have to keep an eye on it, and see if they figure out a way to get around the blocks again.

Awesome, thanks for sharing your strategy, I didn’t know about stopforumspam.com :slight_smile: