Facebook video downnloader

Hello androiders ,
Today im posting this thread to talking about a new app in google play , named Fdownloader +
what you can do with this app?
-Browse facebook
-Download video posted by you , pages you liked ,you saved facebook videos

just you need to click in video you want to download , a popup dialog ask you to watch the video or download it

downloaded video saved in your device or your SD card

Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jassapps.fdownloaderplus

This is 4 years old post and the given link is not working now. Actually, I was doing some R&D on Facebook and came across this forum post. Before this post, I have read a great post of Facebook: How to See Someone’s Private Messages on Facebook and I’m stunned how this works. I didn’t have any idea how this type of solutions works but now I’m feeling curious about it.

For the answer to this forum post I want to suggest some Android apps which are banned from Google play, these are:


You can use these apps to download videos. Thanks

Hello. If you are an active Facebook user, obviously you have already wondered if there is a way to download a video from a facebook, which you can then watch over and over again, without the need for an Internet connection. The Facebook video downloader application will help you with this. It is worth noting that the application does exactly what is required of it, without complicating anything.