Facebook Audience very low impressions

Hi everyone!

I have already implement FAN in my app but I see that number of impression very lower than number of Filled ads.
All of placements are banner.

How I can increase number of impressions?

Thank you!


Same with interstitial. Got requests 13,870 filled 7,476 Impressions 3,771. According to google analytics I had 19000 showing ad events that day.

FAN will show ads only if the user have the facebook app installed on their phone.
So, their fillrate will never be even close to 100%, you need to use another network as backfill or use mediation.

Same thing happened to me. The impression number in FAN’s report is much smaller than my own analytics. When I used FAN in Admob mediation, FAN’s impression number was much smaller than the number in Admob mediation too.

Is this a common case?

FAN numbers are completely messed up in my opinion. I just integrated analytic last week to try to understand more about it. So far the only sure thing is that their numbers are quite random…

you can try the instagram rather than facebook because iG traffic is very good