Facebook Audience Network..

Hi guys I recently intergerated FAN and the fill rate i am getting is 10 percent.

Yesterday stats - adrequest 145,098 filled 13,564 impressions 1,105 clicks 11 fill rate 9.35% CTR 1% RPM $0.54 Revnue $0.60

I am loading ad when the interistial is dismissed or an error occur while loading it.

Not using banner ads just interistial

What am i doing wrong.

My app is getting around 3k downloads a day .

am using admob with FAN in that app.


The request and fill rate is always off with facebook. Try to contact them via direct support.

Facebook now introduced a new way to improve your fill rate. Edit your placement and move the slider to high CPM or best of both or high fill rate.

Experiment with it and see what gives you best results. You should have used heyzap mediation with facebook and admob.

Naah man impressions are 1105 and clicks are eleven but are you sure 10 percent fill rate is right ?

10% fill rate is low. Try changing the setting to better fill rate and contact them via direct support. Facebook support is excellent and they respond within 1-2 days.

Well i have implemented the Heyzapp mediation with FAN and admob lets see how it works out for me. Thanks