Facebook Audience Network High CTR - Interstitial Ad

In the past week FAN blocked a few of my Interstitial Ad placements which were having a 19-20% CTR.
Placement is at App Launch after a loading screen and I have always had similar CTR values for a couple of years already (also with AdMob) and never had any problems.
The placement was blocked for Accidental Click (which isn’t possible for sure as the user isn’t clicking anywhere during the loading screen).

Anyone got something like this recently?

ask also on my forums :wink: i’ve gave you VIP - PM ^^

I think the best thing is just to ask Facebook because if your CTR is good, then may be just system bug as Facebook have many bugs, especialy in their paid ads system

They rejected the Appeal-_-
Anyone has any idea on how to decrease the click rate? btw they aren’t Accidental Click (isn’t possible for sure as the user isn’t clicking anywhere during the loading screen).
Looks like they really ban placements with CTR around 20% (in the meantime they banned some more of my placements like this)

Also in the new FAN poilcy they write Interstitial Ads can’t be used on App Loading or App Exit or to interrupt the natural usage of the App.
Their only example is during pause between game levels but offer no example for utility apps.
This may be the reason why they rejected the Appeal…

Yep, me too, appeal is rejected, I believe they soon will forbid interstitial during launch since they found out that this is the sweet spot for publisher to be honest. not much we can do about it. sadly.

For a period AdMob forbade it too but then went back on their decision and allowed it after a loading screen (so the user will not click accidentally on it)
I hope FAN will realize they lose money this way and go back too…

yes, I hope too, they soon will realized, user engagement is very good at this spot, the high CTR i believe is due to user high interest to click the ads itself.

I just had the same issue. were you able to get around it?

No, I think there is nothing we can do honestly.
They didn’t accept my Appeals, maybe because they were Interstitial Ads at App launch (which seems to not be accepted in the FAN new policy)