Facebook Audience Network (FAN) Payment


Got the mail from the Facebook saying they have processed the payment on 15th of this month but still haven’t received the amount into the bank. Has anyone received the amount ? If not please say how long it takes to receive.

I’m not using it but I hope you tell me how is it going with FAN?
If it is good I’ll try it.
Thank you in advance.

Time for the money come to your bank account after the payment has been processed is depended on your payment method. I am using wire transfer and I got my money after 3 days, it depends on many aspects such as payment method, bank, your location… @Mohammad: I think FAN is worth to try, very stable ECPM and fast payment, the only problem I had with FAN is the fillrate is very low (<30%)

@T-7 thank you, does it work with AdMob mediation and how do you deal with this low fill rate? do you use another networks to offset the fill rate?

I don’t know about admob mediation, I use mopub and put FAN at the top of the ad request flow and use other adnetworks below FAN to take care of unmatched impressions

I have received the mail also a few days ago and no money. This time it seems they are delaying more than usual.

I applied a week ago but I’m still in test mode is it normal?

I think the approval process has been changed. Can you tell me the process you followed for the Submission.

It is still “Enabled for testing and received ad request recently”.
How can I contact or request, very bad interface

Dont know much details about them. I Will check and update you back.

Got my payment to the bank account 2 days back…

Thank you for your help I’m waiting

Yeah got my payment too. I think you use Mobilecore too. Have you got any security alert from google regarding Mobilecore SDK ?

How to mediate FAN with admob? they have very confusing documentation.


After two week my application is approved.
I have ads on mobile app and mobile web site.
On admin panel I can see request counts but no filled with ads, what do I need to do, still no ads shows.

Any help…?

I havent received the payment yet, after 1 week from the notification. All of you have received?

Can someone remind me what is the minimum threshold? Was it $100? Can’t find the info right now -.-

I got the security alert too…I will wait amd update apps in next month…

Even i am thinking of the same. Thanks for the reply.