Facebook Audience Network (FAN) Invoice


Anyone received the Invoice for the February earnings. Normally we have to expect the invoice to be received in this week for the last month earnings. but still we haven’t received. Kindly confirm if any one has received it.

I did not get the invoice.also there is a big difference in payout and actual earnings.

That was a bug i hope. I asked the support team. They said payments are slightly delayed to resolve a bug. You might me getting the invoice with your actual earnings i hope :slight_smile:

Invoices are sent on 13th for me normally…

Just for curosity, AdMob pays 21st of every month, Which date FAN pay ?

FAN pays 15th of each month…they have some glitch in this month’s so they are working on it…Every time I add FAN to my apps they approve with in 2 days this time they have taken 7 days to process it
.so something wrong with their system…I hope it will be resolved soon.:slight_smile:

Ok so did anyone receive the invoice? I still didn’t, and I didn’t get any notification/mail that it will be late

Didn’t receive anything too yet.

Received my invoices today

Received Mine yesterday.
And Feb’s earning’s were split into two,
I too had my payout earnings much less than those reported from dashboard, but that was resolved, the extra feb payment covers most of the difference.
Expecting the Text SMS from my bank today :slight_smile:

What is the usual eCPM on their ads?

Their eCpm based on advertisement outcome score…it’s varies between 1-14…the score changes according to our ad unit implementation… I have 2 ad units in one app one is banner in bottom and interstitial at exit…my banner score is 8 and I get 3-4$ eCpm for that and interstitial score is 10 and I get from 5-6$ normal and sometimes it goes to 7-8$…Their fill rate is not so good just 60-70%…overall FAN is good but we should mediate for higher fill rates…

Yes agree with you. Totally depends on the AOS. But they say 8 - 13 score is strong. Have you seen any delay in the Statistics today in FAN dashboard. I am observing it since 2 hours but nothing change occurs. But there is no any problem with the AD Display.