Facebook announces Mobile Games Publishing pilot program

Kinda wierd that no one has mentioned it yet but here it is Facebook announces Mobile Games Publishing pilot program

Seems like a neat way to bring your app to the masses. Theres not much info yet though, well have to wait and see how this works out.

The problem with facebook is that you essentially have to turn your life over to them before you can even become a developer !

They have their “everything should come through the facebook interface” - so to become a developer you need to be a facebook user FIRST.

That is, they are confusing two things - being a developer and being someone wanting to become a member of the facebook network itself.

Though I think if you have a company identity - then you can create such a facebook account using that company identity (but I’m not sure) - and this way it doesn’t HAVE to be your personal name up there with the app etc.

In gamasutra.com article it is said that there wont be any need for SDKs or APIs. So right now you are not required to sell your soul to Facebook. Basically by joining the program you gain access to massive groups of poeple with Facebook helping to market your app in exchange for the revenue made by the app both with ads (not sure about this) and in-app purchases. I think they want to tap in the mobile market money without actually gluing people to Facebook, ie Facebook login is not required. Sadly there isnt much info out there yet. We just have to wait and see what the requirements will be in the end and how successful it turns out to be.

I applied. Let’s see what’s coming