[Facebook ADS] Paid Ads : Am I doing right ? Got 5k Installs

Hello !

I started FB ads for International Targeting few days ago and got 5.5k installs.
I can send total approx. upto 8k installs in this campaign’s total run.

Also planning to send 2000-3000 USA installs from Adwords from Jan 1.

What I worrying is, I still not ranked for any keywords. Based on few calculations I got only 600 Organic installs in this 4 days. (Console report not available yet)

How many downloads should I send more to get more organic downloads?
Is this normal ? or should I wait some time ?

Waiting for your help


Which countries you targeted for facebook ads.

Worldwide. Except T-1 Countries. I get more Installs from T-3 Countries.
Will spend another $400 only for USA after Jan 1