Facebook Ads Activated Account with 2500$ and Facebook Marketing

Certified, Facebook Advertising expert, Providing you an opportunity to get your Business Advertised on Facebook. I Prepare Facebook Ads Activated account with 500$ daily spending limit. This is Premium Business account for Facebook Advertising. Account Has 5 Days Payment Threshold. It means Facebook will ask you to pay after 5 days. you can advertise your Business or product free up to 5 days. This is Facebook Premium Business Account with 500$ Daily limit. So, you can spend 2500$ from this account without paying any thing to facebook.

[li]This account works in all countries, like, Brazil, China, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa.
[/li][li]This account work for all Products, offer and CPA, Adsense, websites and fan pages.
[/li][li]I can set up your mobile number with the account. if you facebook need verification, then you will get verification code on your mobile.
[/li][li]in case, (if you need) i will provide you access to my computer. you can get fb account login detail + you can make your ads campaign on my computer and manage it.
[/li][li]If you are not skillful, i will personally set up your ads on facebook and show you performance. i will charge 100$ extra
[/li][li]The price of this account is 250$
[/li][li]if you want me to make ads and manage your facebook ads campaign, then 100$ extra service ( 250$ + 100 = 350$)
[/li][li]i will provide you complete live support to set up your ads on facebook.
[/li][li]if your account get any problem, i will recover it and provide your replacement account free.
[/li][li]if you want, i can make your ads on facebook and spend 2500$ for your promotion and you pay me 350$

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