An offline Thamizh spell conversion app. This is the easiest app to type Tamil words.

Type Thamizh words using English keypad.
Eg: If you type “ammaa” or “ammA”,it converts “அம்மா” - Real time side by side conversion.

Other Version for Thamizh font non-supported phones: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mathi.ezhuthukol

For help, Menu->Help

You can also copy/paste Thamizh unicode text in English edit box to convert square characters to Thamizh if your device doesn’t have Thamizh font.

No need of rooting your phone.

No need of install unicode fonts.

No square box appears.

Don’t want to change the settings.

You can send Thamizh text in sms and also share via WhatsApp.

Please RATE the app and write your reviews and suggestions.
Only with your suggestions we can improve the app.

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Note: When you copy or share Thamizh text to other apps, it might look as square characters if you don’t have unicode font in your device. But it will show correctly if the target device has the unicode font. You can also try other version.