Extremely low fill rates with admob??

Am i the only one having really low fill rates with admob interstitial lately?

Since 22th of November i started to have huge fill rate problems with just only one of my apps…the one that is having more daily downloads.
I am not having such a huge amount of request to justify this problem…around 3k-ish daily requests…but in the last 2 days i had 25-35% fill rates anyway…i tried to contact the support and got no answers yet (and i bet i will not have at all)

Same here with one of my apps.

The only difference is in my case it is admob banner ad unit.

Almost 45000/- request per day and 20% fill rate.

i have discovered why i have such low fill rates. It may be the same reason for you too.
It was actulaly quite simple too :slight_smile:
I have a lot of users from middle east countries such as georgia, iran, iraq, saudi arabia…and in many of those countries admob had no or very few ads to show, so the fill rate for those countries were 0-20%, which in the end made the overall fill rate plummet.

I definitely need to find a better provider for ads because admob is not cutting at all…i had an overall 1.5$ eCPM on interstitials in the last 3 months…which is definitely not too much (and, moreover, i am losing a lot of potential ads too since all my ads in those aforementioned countries are not being shown at all)

Hmm… Yes you discovered it. Same here with my app.

I’m actually seeing a nice increase from admob, in terms of fill rates and in terms of eCPM. something changed in the past 5-6 days.
Anyone else?

i am definitely seeing the opposite…at least since the beginning of december…on top of the fill rate problems in middle east countries that we spoke about before, i am also having much lower eCPM even for top countries…i am averaging 1-1.5 eur eCPM

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