Extremely Handy Android Smartphone Organizer called: EZ Notes - Fast Organizer

Hello dear Android Smartphone Users,

Over the course of almost 3 years, I have developed a very Efficient, Reliable, and Personalized Android App called: EZ Notes - Fast Organizer (developed by myself: Alexander Madani)

The passion behind it was to develop an App that is the Most Ideally Suited for a smartphone. What Do I mean by this ?

  1. My App is extremely Non-Bloated and User Friendly. All functionality Within EZ Instant Reach
  2. My App has Award Winning Voice Transcription wherein your Voice Notes Pop-Up “Instantly” after speaking them (Helps make quick daily tasks and reminders an absolute Breeze). We are the only true “Hands-Free” voice based App.
  3. My App has many advanced features including: Stylus Support, To-Do list Management, Cloud Functionalities (that help expedite Shopping, Searching the Web, Looking up YouTube Videos, terminology Lookups and much more !)
    We also offer the best Android Rich Text Editor on the Market (so you can do all sorts of Font Formatting, and even insertion of images / Photos within your editor)

EZ Notes does not utilize Syncing ! This way we make our App extremely Slim, Secure, and your data Safe from Hackers. However, Transfer of Notes (as a personal backup to another device or sharing is still possible using EZ Expoert).
EZ Notes is the Most Non-Intrusive App on the Market. It was designed to be a Super Fast, Simple to Use (yet feature Rich App)… so you can have a buddy by your side all the time, ready to instantly organize you.

bear in mind that I developed this software on a Nexus 6. And because I tend to love Simple, Stock , and Non-bloated Software in General, I think you will absolutely LOVE my App: EZ Notes - Fast Organizer.

We are a relatively new Solution, competing with top mainstream Apps like Google Keep and Evernote.

I would greatly appreciate your support and your very kind Strong STARS and Feedback to help EZ Notes gain visibility for what its deigned and intended for – Personalized Organizing.

I offer a very limited (FREE) version of my App. That one is called: EZ Notes Lite – > http://tinyurl.com/hscesuz

But to get all the Bells and Whistles of the Pro Version of my App (EZ Notes - Fast Organizer) please visit – > http://tinyurl.com/ogyylql

Thank you for your support and excitement everyone ! :slight_smile:

Sincerely yours
Alexander Madani
Developer of: EZ Notes - Fast Organizer