Extreme Defender [with Review Exchange]

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Extreme Defender

Extreme Defender Pong is a highscore arcade pong game. Cannons shoot balls at you and you have to defend every ball. Gather cool power ups, multiplying factors and awesome highscore. This pong game will test your limits. Pong has never been so fast paced. You are the defender of the pong world, let too many balls through and you will die.

Extreme Defender is a fast arcade single player game, where you will need all your reflexes. High end physics and fluid graphics will give you a fast arcade experience, that you never had before. Challenge the world, the game automatically posts your highscore into the world leaderboards. Are you ready to become a defender pong champion?


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(Please be patient with me, I have much to do. So the review exchange may take me some time, but I will definetly do it)

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