Exported Camera Video Mp4 Not Supported

I’m running an Amcrest 5 series 4k NVR and I have 9 cameras installed (8 4k Amcrest Bullet cams and 1 Amcrest 4k 30fps bullet cam IP8M-2597EB). When I’m looking at playback video in the amcrest app on my phone and save a video using the video grab feature, it will save the video in the app, and then you have to export it using the app to an Mp4 and it saves the video file to the snapshot folder. This works on all my regular 4k cameras except the newest model IP8M-2597EB. It will save it as an Mp4, but none of my devices can play the file (not supported). I have to dowoad a special app just to view the video. Any idea on why this is happening, is there a way to change this?

I have this same issue. All my older 4k cameras work with mp4, but the newest model doesn’t. I have to use a special app to convert the footage. Very annoying.

My friend had the same problem. He was shooting with a new Canon camera. When he uploaded videos to the computer, they didn’t want to be played. Videos were played only when they were converting. It turned out that the problem is in codecs.
He used convertr.org to convert video. A good program that works online and has no restrictions on file size. However, it is inconvenient to convert videos constantly. He is thinking about buying a new camera so as not to waste time continually.
By the way, what kind of editing program do you use?