Experiences with Google Play alternatives


I heard that the market share of Google Play in China is very small. I am considering to publish my apps in other stores as well. I have already tried some international alternatives like Amazon and SlideMe but the downloads are low.
Now I want to focus on China but there are so many markets there and many of them require you to be a Chinese citizen to get an account (which is required to submit an app).

Do you have experiences with Chinese-specific (or also other) markets? What Chinese stores can you recommend and how can I get an account as a foreigner?


try samsungapps, i got 40% user there from china

What is split you are seeing between the app stores ?

Google Play

The 40% of Samsung is still a fraction of the Google Play ? (even though China is a much bigger market).

Google Play is banned completely in China (as well as Facebook and several more popular sites). It is only available in Hong Kong.

We tried 15 more stores. The only good results we’ve got are from Samsung, but there is a long approval process.
These were not any Chinese stores though, we cannot understand Chinese.

So Samsung is allowed in China ?

I recently read some blogs etc. on the China/app store subject - search google will give a number of such articles - I think the summary of that seemed to be that you need to target a whole bunch of them (as a type of coordinated strategy) - also having a local partner helps - some companies offer releasing your app in China and for games etc. helping redesign game characters even (replacing them with pandas etc. !).

Let me give a secret tip here for China’s market.
Just translate your app in Chinese in play store. The biggest android store in China (don’t remember its name) picks up apps from play store and publishes on their store.

Apart from title, screenshots and description, getting apk from play store is not a big deal. right?