Experiences with facebook / twitter / HeyZap / Scoreloop

I am considering adding social integration to my (already existing) games. But am unsure what to select. Facebook or twitter are the most obvious choices, but there are other options, like HeyZap/Scoreloop/Applifier and I’m sure many others.

I wonder if anyone would like to share their experiences of incorporating one or other of these things, both in terms of how technically difficult it was, and what sort of effect it had on downloads.

If you have seen this kind of discussion on another forum, then a pointer to that would be useful too.


Also consider Socialize: Drop-In-Simple Social Platform for Your App. Great as a ShareKit Alternative | Socialize | Socialize

I included it in Anagram Hero. My users do use it a LOT. Mostly to push screenshots to FB… or complain when the servers are down :slight_smile:

Edit: can’t say I have seen the promised ROS (return on social)

Hey mind,

Do you have over 100,000 users with Anagram Hero?

I looked at their website and it’s completely free up to 100,000 active users (I don’t have that). After that there’s a cost and you have to contact them for that. I was wondering what the cost might be.

I wish… around 6k active installs, 13k total installs.