Experience with AdWhirl ?

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Does anyone here have experience with AdWhirl? From what I understand, you’ll only need to implement AdWhirl, and add the certain ad networks you are interested in. Is this something that works fine? Any points on this?

Last had a look at AdWhirl many months back and, while implementation and linking to multiple networks seemed darn easy, I do have a few criticisms:

  • Their documentation seemed to be scrappy and all over the place (lack of cross referencing between material on site and material on wiki)
  • I couldn’t see anything about supporting ad sizes for tablets like AdMob does
  • There’s been a recent update, but it wasn’t obvious where to find the Changelog (just found it with some digging). This should be obvious from either the adwhirl.com site or the front page of the Google code page surely!?

So yeah, pretty easy to implement once you work out where the instructions are, but I can’t help but come away with the feeling that there must be a better option.

Yes, agree with the documentation part.

For some reason I feel that developwrs are not using adwhirl, but rather implementing their own “layer service”. I would like to give it a try, but worried about uptime, fill rate and such. Would be nice to hear experiences from anyone who has implemented it…

I haven’t used AdWhirl myself, although I did look at it a while back. Unfortunately I couldnt find an easy way to integrate with the networks I am currently using (LeadBolt, TapJoy, Inner-Active). Didn’t look in great detail though, so maybe I missed something that wasn’t clear in the documentation.

For my Fake iPhone app, I actually made my own client side ad switching system. I integrated all the SDKs separately, and then developed some code to randomly decide which ad to display at a given time. It’s not as nice as a server controlled system (if I want to disable a particular network I have to release a new update for my app) but it gets the job done.

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I see. Hm, I guess I have to find out myself and see if it works nicely. Maybe creating your own switching system is as good as using Adwhirl.

Just saw that leadbolt has released a library to be used with adwhirl:



Good find! Will have to try that library if I look at AdWhirl down the track.

Thanks, could come handy!

For my next apps, I think I’m gonna wait with AdWhirl, but I’ll be observing for an appropriate time to use it …

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One thing I wish AdMob would do for Android ads is offer House Ads,
which they do for iPhone and mobile web ads.
A House Ad is basically an unpaid ad that you can provide that will
show up in the app during the xx% of the time when AdMob doesn’t
provide an ad. Some use it to advertise other apps they’ve written,
but I generally use it for an ad saying “upgrade to the paid version
and remove ads” in my free, ad-supported version.

As for Fill Rates, I have almost identical versions of one of my apps
for both Android and the iPhone, and I’ve noticed that Fill Rates
fluctuate wildly on Android while remaining pretty consistent (and
higher) for my iPhone apps.