Expecting Daily Income from app with 200+ new user everyday!!

as Question says ,One of my is getting 200+ daily user ,Its mind game like chess.How much income I should expect daily from this app?

It depends largely on a few factors.
I would say these three are the most influential:
App engagement level.
Ad types used (+frequency).
User location.

Without that data its hard to make any estimates.

Well,location = India. App have level board which can be played again and again.Normal time spent per user is 10 mins.
Ad is shown while playing in banner form and Interstitial at gameover(result page)

I’d say you should expect anywhere between $3-$10 per 200 active users per day in that case.
India eCPM isn’t that strong, but the combination of ad units and time spent in game should bring those sorts of figures in my opinion.

If you’re unhappy with the revenues your getting, try the following:
Experiment with banner refresh rate and placement.
Show an Interstitial at launch or exit (or both) too. Or just experiment with your current interstitial placement.
Add a “more games/apps” button on the main menu, which opens an app/game wall ad.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

What!!! 3-10$ per day? I have 200+ active users per day and most of them are tier 1 and 2 country users. I only make 1-2$ per day… I do use aggressive advertising

what networks do you use ?

200 active users for 10 minutes in India can’t generate $5-$10. Expect an ecpm of around $0.10-$0.40 from Indian traffic. Assuming you generate 10K impressions with CTR 1.5%-2%, you will get $1-$4 daily.

I use admob interstitials

Just running his numbers against mine the best I can. No game/app is the same. Also, aggressive advertising doesn’t necessarily mean more revenue. If you bombard users with ads they tend to click on them less etc.

Yes I understand, thanks for the second opinion though

It was only an estimate. And I said $3-$10, not “$5-$10”.

Here is some real data analysis for you @Gamerstudios .
I have an app with traffic from India. Admob lets you filter right down to ad units and country.
Last 15 days for India traffic on this app (Portrait, banners persistent at bottom, Interstitials at Launch and Exit):
Average RPM Banner (45 sec refresh): $0.41
Average RPM Interstitial: $0.82

Now if we take 200 users, assume banner is refreshed every 45 (to compare against mine) sec over 10 min game play (take out 30 sec for total time in menus) - 12.67 impressions per user x 200 = $1.04 revenue.
For the same 200 users say average Game over interstitial is shown 3 times in 10 minute session (maybe @Gamerstudios can supply average amount of game over interstitials per 10 minute session?).
3 impressions x 200 = $0.49 revenue.
Total revenue for 200 users: $1.53

So, based on the numbers I can run and the data you provided you could make around $1.50 per 200 users, if you show banners with 45 sec refresh during game play and 3 interstitials per 10 minute session.

I have 1500+ n i m earning $0.35