Exit Ads and new GP Policy

Ok, today we have half of march and deadline is coming to update all apps with exit ads. What do u think, exit ads on backpressed is not not allowed by 100% ? Startapp said that is ok and they still have in their integration guide, appnext said ,after this policy, its probably not right now,but not 100% sure and better disable it.

It was many GP policy updates and ppl usually know what is allowed , what not after a period of time …

Do you update your app with exit ad ? or make new app with it ? home button is not allowed from a long of time but backbutton was in use in many apps and its still on use…

Did you get ban after update or create app with exit ad on backpress?

Help ! :blush:

I think it’s allowed …I read their policy about 10-15 times I can’t understand correctly… I have changed my exit units though… Not sure what will happen… For my apps I lost 100$ a day with their policy… I don’t wanna risk it for 100$…

After reading policy I think exit ad is allowed if ad is displayed in application context.
But not 100% sure.

I think good idea is add dialog “do you wanna exit … blablabla …” and put ad before it in app

1 of ad network have something like this on exit ad but not remember with one :P.

google could tell something more “you exit ads must be skipable” or something more… ech

Hello friends,
I’ll share my experience hoping it helps you find out what’s going on.
in the following screen shot


1st app was updated many times this month with onBackPressed exit ads and no issues with it from google side
2nd is new one published this month with exit ads too and no issues.
It happened accidentally when I published an update of the 1st app in the screen shot after the change in the ads policy before I notice their email. It was approved and published on the store with no warnings or any issue.
Then I published my new app with exit ads before I read the policy too and it was accepted from them and published with no issues at all.
Hope this helps you.

this is my google account

I don’t wanna risk that…My friend had a single app in one of his account and it has 50k plus downloads…we are talked about exit ads and he is using exit ads in his app…if the app is banned we will continue to check for more fields to show ads else we revert back to original…

It’s sad there is nobody here with a good account manager/direct support at GP :frowning:

Startapp representative should clear this issue here.


Take a look at this great example by one of our developers, using our Native Ads SDK to create a 100% compliant exit ad. And it works very well:

I recommend this format to you as well.

Isn’t the same to show an Interstitial then? which on Dismissed will show a similar “please confirm exit” dialogue.

This is just an example, of course. The main thing is that the ad is showed before the user exits the app. Once he left, Google might not allow ads anymore.

Well, for sure showing the Ad when the user left the App already is against Google Play policy (and it was like this in the past already).
It really seems to be anybody’s guess at this point about proper exit Ads (showed before the user leaves the App)

As far as I know, showing the exit ad when the user pressed the back button for the last time is still OK, or at least it was until now. The example that I shared makes sure that the the user sees a promotion while still inside.

But yes, you are right - the real problem is that nobody knows for sure what’s safe and what’s not.

So in the end I decided to implement an Interstitial on backpress but to disable the Ad Placement. So the user will exit the App normally without any Ads. Only if later on is confirmed that such Exit Ads are still allowed, I will simply turn On the Ad Placement in the Network web console.

Thank you for contacting us with your question about the updates to the Google Play policy.

After reviewing the policy, we can see that there were no changes made to the policy that affect the current StartApp SDK version. You can continue to use the SDK as it is released.

In reference to your question about the exit ads, the Google Policy states that an example of a common violation is “Ads that are triggered by the home button or other features explicitly designed for exiting the app:” Our exit ad is triggered by pushing the return button, which is not designed explicitly for exiting the app. Since the use of the return button can be decided by you for a variety of actions, presenting an ad when pressing the return button is allowed at any point, including when exiting the app.

I hope this puts your mind at ease. If you have any more questions about any specific ad units, please let me know.


<<<< Startapp responsed that for my question about exit ads. I think we can try and pray lol. Because as you know, we can’t override home button for some kind of new version of Android, only override back button then maybe back button can be decided by yourself, it’s not designed for exiting the app

How are you able to do this? Can this be done on StartApp Dashboard? Or, you’re doing it in your mediation network?

My laziness has taken its toll on me on updating my android apps since I was doing some iOS. This is a good idea on my part because I believe the backPress exit ads are the only ad that has the potential to violate the updated policy. Base on my understanding on what I read, They are still fine but it is just my interpretation. It can be different on Google’s Interpretation and their bots’ interpretation.

You need to use a Network that allows you to turn on/off placements IDs. StartApp doesn’t have such option (unless they introduced it recently)
I really hope Exit Ads are still allowed anyway as I don’t have time to update all my old Apps.

I find it incredible how Google keeps putting annoying and useless updates just to disturb the people that created this whole Android thing.
Shame on you Google.
Even they cannot be specifically clear about their own terms.
I am sure even if you go far by contacting Google support team they won’t even know themselves.
Oh wait!

They don’t have a support team.
Everything is run with bots.

I saw this video on YouTube which I find very funny.
It is about YouTube copyrights but it goes for the same as Google Play and such.


So one month completed and its 2 days…Anyone got banned by exit ads ?..My friend app with 1m plus downloads is active till now…share your thoughts…:slight_smile: