[Exghange Review] Dota 2 Nevermore LWP

Rate 5*, g+, comment on my this app


I’ll review in return ur app …

Thank you!!

I’ve given you a G+ and reviewed your app under the name Jean-Philippe Fong.

‘cool great wallpaper, nice design’

please review my app:

g+,rated 5*, commented om ur app with name " Fraz Ahmed"

ThankYou :slight_smile:

I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “Peter Verther”. Would you please help me review and do the same with below game?
Thank you very much,

done with name “Minh Ngoc”, please do the same for me but instead 5 star, just rate 4 star. Thanks
If you can, please open and just play one stage or use app for sometime, I will do the same. Thanks