Exclusive Offer Wall Features Added! Earn More from Your App/Game with Adscend Media.

If you’re looking to increase your in-app or in-game earnings, now is a great time to try Adscend Media’s Offer Wall.

We just added some exclusive new features that will immediately help you generate more revenue and boost retention.

New Offer Wall Features Added This Week:

[ul] Rewarded Video for Offer Wall: Rewarded Video for Offer Wall lets users watch quick app trailers in order to earn your rewards. After viewing a trailer, users can download the app, or simply proceed to earn their reward. You’ll generate revenue for every video your users watch, regardless of whether a download occurs. This is one of the easiest ways for your users to earn rewards and for you to generate revenue. We pay you for every app trailer view! No one else can match this.[/ul]
[ul]Incentivized Market Research Survey Profiles: We’ll reward your users with free credits when they complete short profiles on your Offer Wall to receive our market research survey offers. Best of all, we’ll pay you for each profile they complete. These surveys are based on user interests, beliefs, and demographic makeup and pay out an average of $2.50 per completion. TLDR, you get paid for each Market Research Survey Profile completed, which in turn will help your users get access to higher-payout surveys. Sounds like a Win-Win for you.[/ul]
[ul]Appearance Customization: Need to have your Offer Wall match the look/feel of your app or game? Want a better user experience? You can now customize colors and add a background image to your Adscend Offer Wall. [/ul]

A Few More Reasons to Try Our Offer Wall:

[ul]We provide direct user support–We’ll handle your crediting issues![/ul]
[ul]We’ve got market research survey offers–Earn an average of $2.50 per survey[/ul]
[ul]Wide variety of available offers, including videos, app downloads, surveys, and sweepstakes[/ul]
[ul]Publishers have earned eCPMs as high as $90[/ul]

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Just to add as well, we now allow you to query transactions within our SDK so no postback/server2server implementation is necessary. This really shortens the time it takes to integrate our Offer Wall and was highly requested by a few developers here. :wink:

You can read about that here:
Android SDK | Adscend Media

Our fully integrated offer wall is the only one of its’ kind, combining mobile app offers, survey and sweepstake offers, exclusive Market Research Surveys, Rewarded Video, and EngageMe.TV offers all into one single offer wall. Our Rewarding Ads would be a great way to increase your monthly revenue while providing your users with fun and interactive ways to earn in-app points and rewards. Please PM us with any questions you have. We would love to get you setup today with a new publisher account!