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Exciting News from MOBARIO!!! (New Payouts & Deals)

Hello Developers!

We have taken most of the comments over the past months and weeks and hopefully next week our new product will be ready!!!

Test our new SDK Demo App TODAY which offers the ability to hide the “Arrow”. The user can return the “Arrow” at any time.

So as you can see, here at Mobario we take all your comments on this forum and others, very seriously and take it to positive places to Improve our product. Thank you for your patience.

There is even more to come!

Do you need a SDK that is compatible with Unity?! We have one! Contact us on skype to receive it today!

So stay tuned, cause next week there will be more surprises!!!

And if you haven’t heard yet, [b][u]Download our latest SDK[/u][/b] and reach 30,000 installs to receive an extra $100!!!

Please continue to post comments that will help us improve our product.
Yes we want to make money, but we want to do it together with you.

Happy Holidays,

if mobario took our comments seriously, they may have fired you. just joking man :stuck_out_tongue:

Always happy to bring a smile to your face!

Mobario_Man, there is problem in the desktop reporting, not showing the figures, did logout/login, deleted cookies then login, same error.
“A problem has occured while loading your apps. Please refresh the page.”

Please check and fix. Thanks

We were updating our servers worldwide to continue and support the high demand as we approach the xmas season.
This is a great opportunity to remind everyone to update their SDK to our most recent. With the new ability to hide our icon, this should bring greater satisfaction to your users and more value to you the developer!

Additionally, anyone who updates to the new SDK will enjoy the opportunity of having their secondary installs counted and paid for.

Update today!

Stats is not updating since 2 days ago