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Exchange Reviews on Play Store


I recently released a game on the market and I am struggling to promote it:

I am interested in exchanging reviews with any of you. Just download my game, submit a review, tell me the name you used to rate my game and give the link to your application and I will submit a review as well.

We can also exchange likes if you have facebook page for your app. Here is mine:

Looking forward to promote our apps!

Have you ever considered exchanging installs 1 for 1 with other small developers?
Free network user exchange
That may be more efficient to bring you installs directly though…

I thought that is what I am trying to do here. Looks like there are no users interested.

I had a look at that website but I can’t use it because my game was developed in Adobe AIR and there is no SDK for that.

HI just clicked your link Google can’t find you or you app.
will have a look when it is fixed

Please Rate, Review and G+ my new Free App - I will return you same things for your apps:

Rate and left review under Jason Kirsty Please do same for me