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[Rating, G+1 & Review Exchange] Lousy Bird


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I rated 5* and G+ your game under name Sammie Robinson
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Done posting 5 stars , +1g , and review as LOKESH SHARMA , Thnk you :slight_smile:

I rated 5* and G+ your game and gave the following review:

Better than Flappy Bird. It seems like Flappy Bird has grown up and I like this version a lot better than the others.

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I rated and g+ your app under the name Erik Šmidlehner

Pls do the same for me:


Done for rate with 5*, install, g+1 comment as name “Nicolas Meyer”

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hey thanks for rating , i rated ur app as LOKESH SHARMA !

hey rated ur app daily horoscopes as LOKESH SHARMA , cheers ! :slight_smile:

Rated ur app as LOKESH SHARMA and reviewed : “cool game :smiley: , love this chicken ride !” cheers !

Hey! I rated your app - 5*, G+1, installed and reviewed it with name “Mariusz Krzyżok”

Would be nice if you would do the same with this app:

Hey i rated ur app 5 stars , +1g and reviewed it : "Awesome :smiley: ,Love this game ! reminds me of casper :slight_smile: good job devs ! " as LOKESH SHARMA , cheers :slight_smile:

5 ratings exchanged :smiley: expecting more !!!

Done, reviewed with 5* and +1g’d as Vladimir J

I’ve given you a G+ and reviewed your app under the name Jean-Philippe Fong.

‘good the bird is cute and the decors are really great’

please review my app:

Done rating ur app :smiley: 5stars , +1g and reviewed it : “Awesome :smiley: ,this has advanced the process of preparing letters and notes , all functions available for my comfort like print , import text data from other files . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! good job by devs .” as LOKESH SHARMA . Cheers !

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Hi, I’ve rated 5*, reviewed and g+1 as Scott Johnson. Please do the same for my recently released app:


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hey :smiley: rated ur app 5stars , +1g and reviewed it as LOKESH SHARMA . Cheers !


I have rated 5 star and make a comment as JJLay and +1 google+.

Please do the same for me : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.original.music.beat

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hey i rated ur app 5 stars , +1g and reviewed it as LOKESH SHARMA . cheers !