Exchange promotion idea

I repost this thread in this forum, sorry. In the “promote your app” was wrong and nobody saw it.

Hello all.
I recently created a widget that can be put on any app just by dropping it into the layout xml.
It is the extension of a simple HorizontalScrollView.
When the layout is loaded, it automatically connects to my own web site, grabs a simple json file, downloads some icons from the same site and lists a series of icons, that link to market pages. It avoids displaying already installed apps, including itself. This widget is still very immature, it must still be corrected in many ways.
I use it because I developped a quiz series of apps and each quiz warns about the existance of other quizzes of the same series. What is good is that I can add new quizzes and have them displayed on any other app without bothering to redistribute the old apps, because the database is all online.

Now I was thinking, why couldn’t I extend this thing and share it with other developers? It would be a sort of alternative free ad exchange, and would not override any other banner or ad put into the app. It even wouldn’t be blocked by ad-block, antivirus or such.

Instead of a simple banner, or a “more apps” buttons, this widget should be placed in the main menu (so you can click directly, and not go through a “more apps” button) and could list many apps by other independent developers. It’s completely standard and resizeable. It’s not really a banner, but something that is very unobtrusive and could help all us developers to share part of our users. If the apps are a lot, they could be filtered according the argument, putting the most recent in front, or we could make them rotate or appear randomly.

Right now there is no way to know the real numbers: who gave users, who took it, how many clicks and so forth. But if there is interest we could develop something, it’s rather easy.

What do you think about it?

hey beppi count me in on that, i will do,whatever i can and together we can make it good. so how about u share your code so we can modify and fix any glitch and make it ready for all

I will do it, let me finish some coding to complete it. Anyway, before spreading the code, I think that we should undertand how many people there are to share this project and how to implement it at best, what do you think?

Nobody else is interested?

I like your idea… however, to exchange traffic like that, I would want to give what I receive… and for that, we need some sort of analytical/statistical tracking