Exchange install, rate,open,review app on real phone - GetArrow

Please install on real phone and open my app - GetArrow
web: Get Arrow HTML5
then rate 3* or 4* and review (you can only rate, not review ok), G+
then reply here with all of screenshots: install, open, rate, review, G+
I will do fully the same for you soon!
Thanks and Best Regard. My all honest friends :slight_smile:

Here is my review and comments JumblyApps

Hi Jumbly, thanks so much for your review & comment. And i also want to do for you. Which is your app link on store

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - my games are rubbish!

voted and private message sent.

Now waiting for your vote :slight_smile:

rated and reviewed, more info in PM

waiting for your review

I don’t think that. I want to view your app ^^

Hi pedroarnau, thanks for your g+ , rating, comment. And not uninstall my app for 2 week. Now, i will do the same for your app. Hope you have more nice apps :). I will send pm for you for a moment.

Hi samulew,
Thanks a lor. i will reply your pm now and will do for you now.

Hi pedroarnau, here are screenshots


Hi samulew, here are screenshots

All can be found on my website… link in my signature!

I’m already give you 4 star ratting and showing the name " Themes Modules"
now your turn for review exchange my app url is whatsup


Hi Jumbly, you’re very pro in music composer. I installed your app, and play some melody, i like them so much because i love music much. Hope you update more and more songs.

Hi abhishek.vicky,
Thanks for your rate. Now i do for you and reply when finished!

Hi abhishek.vicky, done for you and here’re screenshots:

thank you @nttaivn for you review

Thanks, nttaivn
Thanks for your piece of writing