Exchange Download, Rating and Review on Google Apps : What's up Life

Hey, I would like to exchange Download, rating and review
Exchange Download rating and review for a lifestyle app on google play


Hi… Abhishek
Thanks for giving me your best review on my apps, I will do same for your apps.

Ok I ran the app, gave 5 stars under the name FunStuffDude can you run and rate my app here

I’m not receiving any review only rating dear plz write anythings waiting for your response.

Here I took screenshot

review proof.jpg

You can easily check the newest reviews by clicking the tab that says helpfulness and change it to newest.

Ok fine you want people to review your app but not review theirs, see how far that gets you.

Sorry Man
Rated 5 stars & Reviewed From “Abhishek vicky” with download.


I never got the 5 star rating??

Hear are the screenshot which is describe everything

Rated and reviewed 5 stars, as “Sachin sood” please do the same for me
Waiting for your Review