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[Exchange and review] Little Pink Plane


I have an app in the store. Would you please rate either 4* or 5* and review it for me please.


Please note I will not review religious or political apps or apps where i have to register any of my details.

Hi. Reviewed as Mangirdas Beniusis. Please rate my app:

voted and private message sent.

Now waiting for your vote :slight_smile:

Done Under name " PRACHI SALUJA " , with G+ 5 * and good comments. DO same with my app :

Hi, I just reviewed your game under Nitin Sharma,plzz do the same for mine too

Done reviewed, rated 5* and G+
under name: “Igor Deletic”

Here is my app:

Reviewed and g+ as Ismael Poteau. Here is the link for my app


Rate 5* and G+
Done with Duy Võ
pls do the same with my game
Thank you

Thanks check your messages

Thanks have have reviewed your app under Jason Kirsty

Thanks have reviewed your app under Jason

Thanks review left under Steven Endon

Please check your messages

Little Pink Plane
Rate 5 star / G+ / install by name Osama camyou hu hi… if you see…pl return me


Done with 5stars and G+ by Gtech , please do the same :

Kind regards

Rated and +1ed as Nemeean lion . Please do the same for my app:

thanks review let under Steven Endon

Thanks review left under Steven Endon


I gave you g+, 5* and a nice review for your plane game (as Rick). Looks fun and with really sweet graphics. The best of luck with it!

Will you do the same for me? It’d be great if you used the keywords “deadly” and “dodo”!

(In case you’ve already reviewed it before, here’s my secondary game: )

I think here I have already mentioned.