Examia- general knowledge exam kit

Examia – General Knowledge Exam Kit app helps you in preparing for competitive exams . This has a learn module with sharing question option and mock test series.
Examia – General Knowledge Exam Kit app is an exclusive app for students and job seekers. We can make your exam preparations and interviews a much easy job and paper free.
Everybody love to live in their mobile where ever they go, watching and listening to facebook updates, watsapp, images videos, games etc. How about playing a mock test on the move while in your exam time?

Yes, we are presenting this Examia – General Knowledge Exam Kit app proudly to the whole knowledge hunters around the world. Examia -GK Exam Kit app is an online general knowledge book with a growing bundle of questions from a wide range of general subjects including current affairs.Thousands of questions are already uploaded. You can expect much more categories and questions very soon. Boost you knowledge for free!

Major Features

[li]Exam / Competition Oriented objective type questions with answers
[/li][li]Useful for all types of Job Seekers , Quiz Program participants , TV Show participants , Students etc
[/li][li]Categories from all major subjects and it is continuously growing
[/li][li]Learn Module and Mock Test Module available
[/li][li]You can play offline after synching the categories
[/li][li]Friendly to use and easy to play.
[/li][li]Evaluate your performance in each category after learning it
[/li][li]You can directly go for the mock test for your favourite categories without learning
[/li][li]More than 70 Categories and 12000 + High Quality Questions Initially
[/li][li]We guarantee at least 5 new categories and 1000 – 3000 new questions every month
[/li][li]Global Score Card and Share Score options for best performers.
[/li][li]Upto 3 levels of sub categories under Main categories
[/li][li]90% of the categories are free
[/li][li]Share any question in fb, twiiter, watsapp, email etc
[/li][li]Report question option if you found any issues
[/li][li]Time bonus for quick performers
[/li][li]Summary after each mock test with correct answer display
[/li][li]More and more features coming soon

Unfortunately, there’s no single app to get everyone ready for an exam. Despite testing being standardized it still varies in different states and schools.
In fact Examia is a good tool to test common knowledge level.

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General knowledge contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world (and the universe!) as a whole. Wood Flooring NJ