Every download equals one donation

Hello everyone! Solidarity App is now live! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=arawaney.com.android.solidarityapp. allows everyone to make donations and support initiatives, without paying a cent. A small sum goes to the initiative of your choice every time you download a free new app or game from Solidarity App. FYI: We display CPD/CPI adnetworks campaigns, and we donate 90% of that payment to the initiative that you choose. We are helping refugees, cleaning the environment, defending animals rights and supporting a zone in disaster relief. There’s no scam!! We are doing this right and totally legally, we have agreements with each NGO and we will even present transparent accountability. We had the idea some months ago and we quit our jobs to launch it, we also invested our savings to do it well (designer, scalable api, video spot, etc.). We’re just trying to help this world be a better place with apps! As many here! The more users/audience we have, the more donations we will make.

Make questions also and I (founder) can share with you any details of how the app is going. We launched this week together with a small PR campaign that gave us some coverage but few users. Keep updated for more news :slight_smile:

I will exchange app reviews too! Let me know your URLs :slight_smile:


Hi There,

Your link does not work.


I’m stupid! Thanks Kenneth! This is the right link, i edited into the post too: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=arawaney.com.android.solidarityapp

PS: I trust on this blog community, I’ve learned a lot here and helped many too during the past years (with other accounts too), there’s people that has experience. Could you we share experiences with me (thinking on helping the initiatives, helping them is the objective)? I’ll share all data of pr, revenues and user acquisition (ARPUS, DAU, etc.). Want to be as transparent as possible. Bests,


PM Soy de Barcelona también!