EPIC- List of threads all new developers will learn about marketing and Ad networks

This will be my final thread which will help any new developer learn about marketing techniques as well as which AD network they should choose. This is a wealth of information all in one spot. I did this because I will be leaving the forum soon and want to help new developers will information so you can start making money with android. If you have a question about a thread , you can PM me.
Recently the last 2 months instead of spreading knowledge and information , a few developers have sought and succeeded to mess this forum with attacks and useless threads. I will be turning my focus on my own forum now and will come here to update this thread. My forum is large and also contains more information with out the clutter here Free forum : Android free games and apps . I will predicte that those same people will probably jump in this thread and start trouble so just read the 1st post and ignore the rest of posts.
I wish you all good luck and may you make big money on android.

Must read for all new developer

Websites to promote your android games and apps free plus video’s of marketing knowledge

Marketing threads

How I reached top #50 in India googleplay store Adventure category

Getting 100,000 downloads no major marketing

AD network threads

Highest paying AD networks if your games and apps are not on googleplay PPD networks

How to figure out which AD network is best for you based on the type of game or app you made and GEO’s

Official list of AD networks that pay weekly

Android Services for developers

Inject ADs from popular AD networks without having to add SDK yourself ,1 click AD injection

Alternate Appstore that is developer friendly

How to design addictive Android games ,the secrets
How to design games for android and iphone part 1 & 2:The secrets!!Both Video’smust See

Instagram Marketing Packages to reach higher ranks

Hahaha I got my first dislike for the forum troll Ramzixp. He presses dislike on most of the things I post but never has a good reason why. You know you made an excellent post when he dislikes it.

Keep up your work man.I really like seeing all the essential information in one place.And thanks for your effort.

Thanks for this information, it was really useful.

Shall be reading this all later, newbie/wannabe developer here, so little gems like this will be invaluable!
Thanks pixelpower!

I am glad I could help my fellow developers. I wish I had all this information when I started out. For me it was a lot of trial and error to learn how to make money with android apps. I made this resource to help future developers have an easier time making money and learning the android culture.
With that said ignore the troll ramzixp I predict he will dislike this post. I made the mistake of actually responding to him in the past, so don’t you guys and gals respond to him, just ignore him.

Ehhh, I will not attack you, different mind level. I just tell you, stop spam with your EPIC threads, this topic is full of them and brutal ref to your “large forum”. Also stop creating fake accounts to thanks yourself for this bullshit. If your forum is such great, just leave. This is my last reply. Good bye

  1. My topics are about information to help people , not attack people like you do.

  2. What fake accounts? All these developers signed up at different months including last year. Your so dumb you comment without even realizing what your saying.

  3. You always say this is the last time you respond but we all know thats a lie. Hopefully this time your telling the truth.

  4. I have some threads of mine and some of others. The android service portion is all threads by other people. Maybe you need to learn how to read and think before speaking.

Giving this a bump so new developers have a great chance to learn how appstore works!!

Whoaa… you know that moment when you thought you knew a topic and dealt with it every day, but all of a sudden it turns out you only knew about only a small portion of it, and now you know of many more “known unknowns”? That’s how I feel - it’s awesome and disconcerting at the same time… I should get some sleep, thanks for the bump!

Thanks I hope you learned alot and make decent money with your games and apps.

Just giving this,a bump to help all the newbies out there.

Been away for a while but just coming back.

Awesome list- thanks!!

Cool, thanks for sharing!