EPIC- All developers please read ,example of tricky wording by AD networks be careful

This just posted a while ago by Notifymob

We count all the impressions for typical performance based SDK integration. If you have a special guarantee for CPM guarantee, then refresh rates and other potential impression manipulation techniques are capped in order to mitigate risk for all parties involved due to the special guarantees. For a standard SDK integration without certain guarantees attached, everything is true to count because its not paying out on a guaranteed CPM basis, but rather a weighted CPI, CPC, or CPA basis, with a mix of CPM for certain traffic sources. For all PPD and CPM guarantees, there are special T&C’s. Any bonuses and promotions from any network typically are accompanied by special T&C’s. Again, this is only to protect everyone involved and ensure a fraud-free zone so advertisers continue to participate with high payouts to you guys as developers.

Ok so lets say you don’t understand let me break it down. If you get guaranteed $1 eCPM only a few impression up to 3 are counted. So if someone opens your app and see’s 20 AD impressions , you will only get 3 at most that’s the manipulation technique.

If you do a PPD ( pay per download) you will only get the downloads that Notifymob says users opened, not actual downloads. For example if someone downloaded 2,000 of you apps , if Notifymob says only 500 opened the app then all you get paid for is 500 not the 2,000.

That’s what is called T&C’s ( terms and conditions) find out about them before signing up. Now me and Blake had this disscussion he said this is fair and I say not.

I don’t know pixelpower why are you using them and grumble on forums :wink:

-low earnings, in big thread about notifymob you can find compare to startapp, appnext or airpush and people have much lower earnings in notifymob with the same impression number
-server, couple times, ad server was offline and not showing any ads, in big thread you can find reason: they had big traffic and server was overloaded, this is not normal thing for professional ad network
-somebody had problem when they changed his earnings after forum criticism, I don’t know who but probably you :wink:
-last couple days I tried to log in on my old account and it dissapeared, I had registration info in my inbox but account not working, registered again and all works correct (somebody deleted it)
-website, sorry but please more informations, not only photos with some short texts, this is not clear for me

They have couple nice things like weekly payments without some big limits but not worth to use them in bigger apps.

I think that only you are using them and maybe some couple little developers to get their $20 weekly without waiting to achieve $200 in mobilecore, $600 in airpush, $2500 in appnext :wink: People are happy that getting cash out very fast but what cost? Lower earnings? Maybe if somebody is making couple dollars a day, there is not a problem but if somebody have $100-$1000/day, notifymob loose.

I just started using Mobilecore and Hummer mobi I also plan to use airpush in the future too. After a month I will report how they worked out for me.

I am seeing new networks come and need to warn newbie developers.