eomobi SDK / payment at max $30 per 1K new install / payout by week

Welcome to join our sdk at :eomobi Mobile Ad Network .we payment at $30/1K new install ,min at $10 ,Payout by week . if u have any interesting , please contact me at skype :fannie.fang00 .Thanks

Your company seems big with offices in several countries/cities.

However the most important question: is your SDK fully compliant with Google’s new advertising policy?

From their page:

Easy to push - eomobi innovation push advertising

> High one thousand times earnings, maximum benefits without startup

> Secretly the user traffic cost, not permanent, no electricity

> Permanent patterns , longer exist users,higher income

I’m not sure what language it is in, but English it is not. And push ads cannot be compliant.

Hi ,thanks for your question ,we also run In app (like smartwall ) , actually we promote push is before the Google policy came out ,we just began to run push ,then google policy came on Aug 23, its truly embarrassment .While if you have interesting , may join us with running in app .we keep same payment at $30/1K install for only smartwall (min at $10)

Hi ,yes push is forbidden now , while we run smart-wall also , you may check it from our website .

Is anyone using this network? Honestly this company looks like scam to me, or at least really not serious:

  • the guy first came on the forum selling google developer accounts
  • he is constantly spamming on the forum
  • the english on the website is attrocious, and some pages are copy/pasted from StartApp’s website (eomobi Mobile Ad Network for example)

Hi I am sorry to cause misunderstanding here , we truly copy/paste from startapp and also other website . we are new and not rich experience about this .While we never try to scam you or others , i did quote some information about selling GP account , its for my tech colleague , cuz he can’t speak english , i am responsible for oversea business , looking for developers and make cooperation is my responsibility . We offer attractive payment and already get many developers join us , i can also offer some app links in GP which using our sdk . thanks


for me i want know how can i implement eomobi ?thanks

Well, that sure do sounds great but I guess I would say I am happy with my earnings from the Google Adsense programme and don’t want to pay for something when I am getting almost everything for free.

@eomobi, I thought you send automatic payments on every friday. pls update the payment terms either here or on the dashboard