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Hello there,

Thanks for your attention!
Our Eomobi is a monetization and distribution platform focusing on mobile applications. We partner with Android developers to maximum their revenue and benefit each other. We are a sun-rising enterprise and urgently need to expand our market. Currently we are looking for Android developers to join us.

Though we are a newbie in Mobile AD industry, we still have our own advantages:

* Maximum payment at $60/1k new install;
* $10 bonus reward for your first time registration;
* Weekly payout
* Low payment threshold: $50
* Easy to integrate through the use of a unified SDK;
* 100% transparency - detailed reporting on statistics and analytics;
* Professional experts to help you with the integration;
* ...

Find out more: eomobi , or feel free to contact me.
Skype: ada.lee0517
Gmail: [email protected]

We expect to expand our oversea market in short time. I am sure you can make more money with us than with other networks. Contact me for details.

This company spams on facebook and email. Don’t trust these guys.

Sorry about the promotion emails. But you can check with the guys who are now using our platform. I am sure they will tell you that we do offer good service and payment.

Just emailed you.

Do you guys accept newbies?

Saw it and replied. Thank you for your interest.

Sure. Let me know how i can help you.