Eomobi.com is down?

Eomobi site is not log in today… They are closed? Anyone has this problem?

help me plz

Hi ,
same issue here can not login :frowning:

i sent mail and skype them, but they not replay! :mad:

i got a message from Laura on skype

As I will leave EOMOBI, any question about EOMOBI, plz send e-mail to " [email protected] ", thanks for your support.

so awkward

do you sent any email to “[email protected]”?

no answer yet :frowning:

Guys, Eomobi migrate to Hummermobi.com so go there and login with the same login credentials you used on Eomobi before.

Hello eomobil.com is migrate to hummermobi.com and by the way i got their 50$ bonus too…

I can’t click button ‘receive bonus’ . Anyone have the same?

How did you get there bonus??

I didn’t get there bonus! button ‘receive bonus’ don’t work.
they don’t answer email or skype.

edit: they answered!!!
“the reward will pay you with your first payment.”

I got the $50 bonus for the new year

I didn’t get it, button is not clickable. How did you get it? They didn’t respond on the email from the previous page

Scary partner, be careful people

I couldn’t click the button too.

same here :frowning:

They told me that I should get 50$ in earnings… But I have more already… And button still is disable:/

In order to avail of the bonus, I think we have to at least have one 50USD+ payout. It is what their login message says (in that weird English).
Personally I have not been paid yet and the button is also not clickable for me.
BTW, has anyone of you gotten any kind of bonus from referrals? I have an active referral but have never seen anything in the dashboard.

I think that you won’t get money from referrals… They only use them to count some challenge - who will have the most refs will get sth…

have anyone got payment from eomobi today…
I have not got my payment too…