Enjoy a 2 months video sdk promotion!

Hi developers. Time for another promotion… :smiley:

This promotion comes after we launched Appnext’s native video ad solution, via which we already deliver higher eCPM rates to publishers and higher retention rates to advertisers.
The Appnext native video ad solution allows app publishers to integrate and distribute beautiful, contextually relevant app trailers using a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) based model, to drive quality downloads for both game and utility Apps. As we are extremely proud of our video products, we are excited to double any additional revenue you make throughout October and November 2015 (on video products only).

How it works?
In order to be eligible for the bonus, Appnext requires that you upgrade to our latest Interstitial Video SDK or our Rewarded Video SDK

Appnext will top up the extra revenue generated on a specific month with our video products as compared to the revenue you earned in the previous month. Bonus period is October through November 2015.

For example: if you’ve earned in September $1,500 after integrating our video products, and in October you’ve earned $2,000, then the bonus will be extra $500, and your total revenue : $2,000 + $500 = $2,500.

Then in the following month, if in October you’ve made $2,000 after integrating our video products, and in November you’ve earned $2,500 , then the bonus will be extra $500, and your total revenue for November will be: $2,500 + $500 = $3,000.

If you haven’t used our video solution yet, it means (in plain words) that we will double your video earnings for October.

Read about the entire promotion and T&C in our Blog post: Developers, Enjoy a 2 Months Video SDK Promotion! ? The Appnext Blog

Any questions - let me know!

Let’s make some (more) money :slight_smile:

Awesome promotion! I’m defnitely in.


We are seeing very good eCPM’s from those who implemented the new SDK.

What eCPM are they getting? I could be interested

We are seeing an average of 30%-60% increase in eCPM. it can be higher, or lower, but this is the average.

good to hear that! What if I will implement videoSDK now? Will I get 2x revenue? Because in september i got 0$ for video ads

The answer is yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for this new promotion.I think this promotion is great.

Hi Guys,

Since there are many requests, we have decided to extend this promotion for until the end of the year!

So, go ahead and double your video ad revenue :cool: