Enhance - anyone is using?

I have some questions:
-are my apps are dependend to enhance dashboard and service uptime?

-what will happen when enhance will make decision to close service? what with ads? all bussineses can be closed

-is enhance have ability to serve own ads in our apps? ( i can check it myself and ill probably do it)

-is or will be airpush supported?

They have a bug that won’t allow their ads to display a second time ever. You only get one ad displayed. I contacted them about it, they said they are aware but they havent fixed yet.

I dont know if its like that for all apps or only the ones I tried.

@Anteos Thanks.
I’m planning to use Enhance.
Waiting for FGL representative’s response here


they replied me :wink: bug mentioned by anteos? ill check it myself then tonight:)

Please let us know of your findings.
Also I kinda wonder why their injection adds like 9mb even if I only select one ad network.

sadly they have bought the best service - ads2apk

for me it have 7mb, original 1mb … hmmm, do you know some alternative?

edit: even you choose one ad network, in dex files I have some 10 networks;/ and a lot of drawables

I only knew of ads2apk too. Sadly no alternative, but maybe they sort out their issues with bug and sdk size.

May be Tapcore ?

I do not remember anymore why, but I had decided not to try them.
I might have to recheck into them though.
Did you have any experience with them?

Enhance just told me that not necessary SDKs will be removed from enhanced apk but I can’t wait. Their support/reaction for bugs is very slow. I have word “soon” in contacts with support. Nobody can’t give you accurate dates.
Soon means for me “maybe tomorrow, maybe next week or maybe next year” ;/

Just delete the dex files you don’t need

This is not the purpose of Enhance. Deleting dex files is time consuming. I want to use Enhance to save time but if I need compile, decompile, remove dex, recompile it’s worthless. Faster to implement our ads like startapp in code manualy :wink: