Engine for android

I want to create a nice game for android and I could programming in c++/java and others, but I don’t know couple things:
-Which engine should I choose? I though about cocos2d, but I couldn’t find up-to-date tutorial for android. I was trying write my own “engine”, but some of sprites didn’t want to display
-What tools are most helpfull? I was using texture packer, but it isn’t free.
-Is it hard to create mulitplatform app?

Test libGDX. It has some free TexturePacker included and is very fast but can be hard.

Do you know good tutorial about libGDX or examples?

DO NOT WRITE YOUR OWN. It is literally several man-months of work IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING… AND it will have lots of weird bugs on some hardware that you don’t have access to, and be months you could have spent writing your game instead of coding a game engine.

I am using AndEngine for my latest game. However I have no wish to port to iOS. Ever. Or I would have chosen a different game engine.

Yes, I did look at libgdx, but I could not find docs to tell me how to do what I wanted easily. With AndEngine, there is a lot of example code and the source is pretty clean, so you can look stuff up easily.

Libdgx is awesome , i’ve used it before

I ve seen you under the same name there , you’re the one with a free playbook blackberry gave out right ? :smiley:

Yes, I have free Playbook. It’s awful. :smiley:

I agree…