End of Spammers has began?

I noticed couple of dominant spam accounts disappearing today and few pushed down in ranking.
Is anyone else noticing this?

How do you know who are the dominant spammers?

You would be surprised at what people know :slight_smile:

Care to share more details?

i know exactly who are referring to :slight_smile:

Just wait for app review system before publishing. It will take weeks to publish apps lollll :wink:

Where do you get all this rumors that google will open an approval system for apps?

Google won’t do that because they don’t do anything that requires hiring more people. :wink:
Anyway, I wonder if the massive number of Snail Bob games will disappear… I wonder if someone from this forum is spamming with them?

I remember sometime back google had removed some 60K spam apps from play store. But I doubt if they will go on to approve each app manually.

Then why not state who he is referring to? it seems like you guys are protecting a spammer for no reason, if they are spammers then there should be nothing wrong with stating the developer name and insulting them for spamming.

kinda confused on the secrecy here lol

Unfortunately this forum is filled those spammers.

this forum is filled mostly with developers

i’ve read on quora.com and such that Google cleans house once every 2 months or so?

Number of available Android applications - AppBrain

the 2nd graph shows there is a hail storm of BANNING overdue… something tells me it will happen after Sept 23rd

Can someone make sense of the last graph on this appbrain webpage:

Ratings on the Android market - AppBrain

The graph for “Development of downloads since app launch date” has a sharp rise around the 12-15 week (after launch) mark. Anyone can divine what that is/means ?


Wow, that is bizarre. Makes it look like Google Play has some sort of trial mechanism for new apps that expires after 12 weeks, which then makes the app considerably more visible.

Though if that’s the case, it’s weird that I’ve never noticed any such behaviour in any of my apps.

Also I don’t understand if that graph is for percentage of apps that reach 5K downloads - that graph should be MONOTONIC (since an app cannot LOSE downloads - that is always a monotonic increasing graph). So how does that graph FALL after that ?

I think I can explain the figure for why suddenly there is a sharp rise in the graph at 12th week - since by 11th week maybe everyone is still at 4000 downloads, and then at 12th week they reach 5000 downloads. But even then why the sudden fall of the graph after that ?

I assume the fall is because the graph isn’t showing the total apps that have reached those milestones, but only the apps that specifically hit those milestones on the defined weeks. Essentially, what the graph is saying, is that if you have an app that hasn’t yet hit 5,000 downloads at the 14th week, there’s a roughly 37% chance it will somewhere around the 15-week mark. But if it fails to hit the milestone at that point, the chances it will hit it later on are lower, hence the drop in the graph.

With that in mind, it seems that a large portion of apps tend to hit the 500 / 5,000 / 50,000 milestone around the 12-15 week period, for some reason. For that to happen so reliably as to be noticeable in that graph, they would have to have a very significant spike in downloads at around that time. Why that happens, I have no idea.

If only we could see the end of billyh’s terrible posts… :rolleyes:

Are you spammers done fighting with each other that you are now going after real developers? :slight_smile:


I have said before you are prob just a troll here. That is all you will ever be.

But please go on, each post and thread you make just adds weight to my point.