Making Money with Android

Email marketing: tips to promote your business

If you have official website for your Android apps, email marketing is a great and cheap marketing solution for promotion it to your target audience.
Modern email service providers (ESP) like eSputnikallows you to laucnh not only traditional email campaigns to your subscribers, but also to implement automated triggered messages, product website recommendations and advanced segmentation tactics to your marketing workflows.

Today you can find a lot of great CRM and MailChimp alternatives available for the cheaper price and having easy to use interface. Using all the benefits of such platforms you will probably increase your conversion rates via email and social channels.

Promoting your business through email marketing isn’t as invasive as it sounds. These subscribers have opted in to receive these marketing materials and, as long as you are designing materials with the consumer in mind, it is perfectly acceptable to send updated offers to them. This is an excellent example of business promotional material that is promoting the business as well as providing subscribers with valuable information.

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