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we are an IT Company specialized in marketing, advertising strategies for apps ,startups and software development and apps development .

Both if you want to increase the number of installs for free apps or sales for paid apps we have the solution.
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We will be glad to help you and cooperate for the success of your app, please contact us in private for any inquiry or to know more about our company and plan an effective advertising campaign .


Hi, I need 50k installs or more for my android app. Could you help ?

Hello, yes sure we can help and support your app. Contact us to start your app promotion and hit your goal in a short.

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Very interested in this

after only 2 weeks of trying this services I must say I am very satisfied, thank you again.

Please email me : [email protected]

We have sent an email.
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Hi, I will launch my new app today. Could you please PM your email address ? I am very interested. thanks

I would be interested in your email address as well please. Are you interested in commission based services?

Please email me : [email protected]
I am interested in the services

brillant services and smart guys. thanks !

Can u email me for more details on the services and rates.
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Thank you.

Thank you for your interest CoolApp, we already sent you an email.
@rosy thanks, we appreciate it and we hope to collaborate again with you.

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pls pm details.

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Thank you for your interest, we have sent an email to you.
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I am interested in your service please PM me.

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I want to know more about your service.

did not received any details,
kindly forward to [email protected]


Please pm me the details… i am really failing at promotion of my app