eCPM values of these google ads

Hi guys!
I was just wondering if anyone had any insight here.
I have two quick questions :slight_smile:

  1. Ads implemented by the use of Admob, do they only pay per click (CPC) or do they actually pay per CPM?

  2. Does anybody know what is the typical eCPM for the 320x250 ad sizes shown in this picture?
    The 320x50 ad basically only pays 0,4USD in eCPM which is not very much, so I was just wondering if bigger ads would benefit a lot or only a little.

Any experiences? :slight_smile:
Also; I am currently living and running my application in Norway, but I guess the eCPM values are not that different from for instance in the US.

Thanks guys!
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1 - Admob exclusively pay per click. I’ve spoken with someone at Admob who also assured me that no one gets paid via CPM. Some other networks do offer CPM on a deal basis if you have serious traffic though.

  1. The bigger/the more of the screen that the ad takes up, the better the eCPM. That’s the general tendency. No one can really tell you what eCPM to expect as there are just so many factors in play.
    Norway should yield decent CPMs.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
Yeah I know the general rule is that bigger ads make bigger eCPMs, but if it is only dependent on clicks, then its not directly size correlated I guess (only in a way there are higher possibilities for people to click them).

Regarding eCPMs in Norway; I dont think they are any higher than in the US actually from what I have compared on general eCPM stats around the web.

I don’t know much about the sizes and performance, but I can share a bit information about our ecpm. We have a 300% better performance in US than norway and also a 50% better performance in middle Europe than Scandinavia in general.

That is strange! Considering that the ads are geo located. Have no idea why europeans click ads less;)

Tips to other app developers: There are tools out there which can be used to create your own “ad network”. I see that one of the networks giving us ads use the MADS platform, so we are actually going to try it out our selves. We have a very specific group of users and also a high amount of users, so hopefully advertisers will be interested:)

Thanks for all the answers, guys:)