Please look at my picture and tell me about your ecpm with mobile core. Very disappointed ecpm.pngwith them

Here’s my results showing them on entry and exit 1394690803835.jpg

How much traffic are coming from USA? I only reach 2$ cpm.

44% from the US so that’s probably the reason it’s so high. I’m using them in 2 apps published last week with closer to 20% from the US and the cpm is still under $1 for both

very nice eCPM )
In one app I was using admob interstitial at launch, and I had 1.70-2.60$ eCPM. Changed to appnext - now I have 1.15$. Probably will try mobilecore too. Just don’t want to use admob )

Thanks for the info man :slight_smile:

Why my ecpm in Mobile core too low :(((((((((((((((((((( ???

What countries are most of your traffic coming from?

Asian, I think so.

my ecpm was 2$ but the last two day is terrible only 0.5 ecpm

mobilecore please help us :frowning:

Same for me, eCPM used to be 3USD+, now it´s down to under 0,5

350 000 impressions, $3.13 eCPM

:(( my ecpm yesterday : $0.46 :((((

this is how they pay weekly payment. Just one day low ecpm gives them enough money to pay weeklies.

I now got really low eCPM too