eCPM is almost negative

Hi people! I’m trying ads for admob and tapjoy in my first app, it havent got many users, but I think that the eCPM is very low, and looks how he downs every day :huh:

My eCPM is 0.36$ (0.38$ when I start to write this topic!!) Any idea to increase the eCPM? Tapjoy works great, I’m trying the david’s idea on fake iphone to set “karma” to improve the develop of the app :slight_smile: I think it is a good idea because the users visit the offers if they wanna, not is mandatory.

Tapjoy set this:

Offerwall views: 28  Clicks: 4  Conversions: 1  Revenue: $0.29  eCPM: $10.36  CTR: 14.3%

10.36 of eCPM!!

Anybody give advice to me to increase the eCPM on Admob… And really anybody believe that is better use mediation with a particular network? I’m European (Spanish) but my app is usable on all the world (no locate dependant) I’m very confused with my start in admob

Thanks a lot!

Sorry my bad english, I write how Tarzán :frowning:

From what i have seen that is not a bad eCPM, if you look at Davids its $0.34

Yeah, at this time I have 0.33$ and decreasing… Its impossible earn some of money on this way :frowning:

This is very good eCPM for banner ads its not a rare thing to see even lower eCPMs something like 10 cents per mile. You can “fix” a price only if you build a huge user base, if you attract a lot users from west-EU and USA, if you set up long refresh rate but do not expect miracles. The highest eCPM that you can reach with Admob is probably no more then 1 - 2 dollars per mile and its very rare to see.

Echoing what the others have said - an eCPM around the $0.30 mark is quite reasonable for banner ads. You’ll certainly never get anywhere above a dollar or two.

You have to consider Tapjoy completely separately from AdMob. The eCPMs are not comparable at all, because AdMob uses banner ads, while Tapjoy has an offerwall. Users engage with these different formats quite differently, and eCPM is only one measure of success here.

What I’ve found is that as my total number of impressions goes up, the eCPM and CTR tend to drop a bit. This seems to be a result of more “average” users downloading the app, who don’t end up clicking ads.

My recommendation at this stage would be to focus on getting more users, and worry about the eCPM once you’re seeing at least a few hundred impressions per day. Otherwise you’ll end up spending more time trying to optimize small numbers than it’s worth :slight_smile:

my eCPM: 0.2$, too low

Yeah, I dont know the eCPM varies constantly, yesterday reach 0.26$ and I dont look more (xd). Today, or better say, now the eCPM is 0.56$.

Then I guess that the income are fixeds in the moment of the click/impression, They dont pay you the minor price or something like these… no?

Well, I have since Sunday with my app, I have aprox 200 downloads an 140 active, ony thing thats I thinks the eCPM would be greater.

Thanks! Sorry for the tons of questions, I’m starting with this world and this forums seemed good to learn.

Its a bit complex (but I will simplify things), it depends from your user base and advertisers. Advertiser run a campaign with some budget, he sets some price for click (there is always some minimal price) and sets target audience (by country, for example) on that way he actually bids for space with other advertisers. That means that his ads will not be served if there is higher bids for targeted audience. Bids are of course higher for west-EU and USA audience then for Asia and if you have a lot users from EU/USA your income would be higher. Its a logical because EU/USA are consumer societies.

I am sorry about my english.

I agree with David, focus on growing your userbase first.

There are tons of factors that go into the eCPM that you will get. Some you can control but most you can’t. And with a low number of impressions your eCPM will vary alot from day to day.

You will drive yourself crazy worrying about it and without alot of impressions the amount you make between a eCPM of 0.20 and 0.50 won’t be worth the effort.

Thanks to response. I hope to give you good news on the future :slight_smile:

My eCPM was 0.06$ and I got 147$ yesterday, today its 0.04$ eCPM. I dont know how to raise it but im happy with my daily revenues. =)

Today eCPM on admob is surprisingly high - maybe they are counting adsense immidiately, not with the typical delay? Or (one can hope, right?) there are some new ad campaigns that pay well.

OMG, What’s your ad network?

Very good revenues

the network is very bad with an eCPM of 0.06 … he may have VERY much impressions, nearly 4 millions to reach that revenue

adMob. and is right about high impressions. so, you should focus on that, not eCPM :slight_smile:

I hope they have new ad campaigns :smiley:

What’s your apps?

Unfortunately it looks like they just made the delay in counting revenue much smaller. I saw on Google+ that they added to adsense ability to make campaigns on admob, so maybe there will be more campaings soon.

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