eCPM - are we being fooled? Yes we are!

We are always comparing eCPM, but not revenue.

Well, I checked around. Took a few networks and put them is the same spot, same share of impressions.

The results - what a surprise… some networks have a double eCPM than others. But 1/2 as much impressions.

Conclusion: some networks are ‘fixing’ the numbers, so the eCPM will be higher. It’s a lie.

Those networks are (I only checked 5, 3 of them showed much more impressions than the other 2 so there might be others):

Mobile Core - showed 50% less impressions than the highest one (which means double eCPM)! That’s just crazy. And wrong.
StartApp - Showed 30% less impression.
Airpush - showed 10% less. Nothing really important, that will make a big change on anyone’s decision.

These 3 companies - I have nothing against them, they are great companies with very good support and payment system. And they are reliable, which means they will not just disappear with your money one day. That’s the most important thing in my eyes. But you should know this information, because you are making decisions based on these numbers. And lying - that’s just wrong, sorry.

Networks that showed the ‘right’ amount (or at least that’s what I found) - appnext and mobvista and possibly admob (I didn’t really check admob). maybe there are more.

Ad type that was checked - interstitial.

Keep digging. Don’t take anything for granted.

I also feel that with mobileCore, getting less impressions than I suppose to. And when I back fill, I don’t get any impression on second network - so they fill almost all the requests, but show less impressions.

But unfortunately, I can’t prove it. I probably need to send some information to my server, everytime I show an ad in my apps. Then, maybe I will be sure.

Can anyone share his eCPM from appnext with the impression numbers? Last time I checked appnext, I was getting low eCPM. Maybe I will try it again, for some days to see how it performs.

I can share mine for September:
Impressions: 178,504
Installs: 573
Revenue: $452

eCPM: $2.53

Admob is doing slightly better than appnext for me, for interstitials - about $2.7. But it changes all the time.

That’s so true, we see it all the time with AdBoost customers. We provide a separate measurement dashboard, and we see a lot of times that the actual fill rate that an app has is much lower than the one reported by ad networks. There’s definitely not enough transparency there.

Hi Guys,

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Hi TheWowser

Deceiving our developers is never our intention, and is not not a known issue.
Each of our SDKs have call back listeners to fill any unfilled ad requests.

Please PM me your email address so we can investigate further.

Airpush Nick

It is wise and it’s important to keep track of other metrics such as revenue per user. That along with eCPM, Fill Rate, total Impressions, etc will allow you to get a clearer picture of ad performance.

Our dashboard shows a lot of information to help one calculate performance. Our next release on the dashboard will provide an even more in depth view of ad performance. Stay tuned and check us out now.


If anyone is willing to test more networks, that would be much appreciated. That would be a great test case to prove who is being real with us (so to speak).

Oh, finally I found someone have the same doubt with me, I have been used mobilecore and mobvista. Though the former one deliver me much higher eCPM than the later, but I get approximately the same payout at last.
eCPM has lost its power since it can be fixed by the networks.

At least we are all in this together :slight_smile:

But yes, you are right - I guess eCPM can be manipulated very easily. I would definitely trust the ones that do not use these tricks.

When do you pay?

Most of those networks are PPI and eCMP is not a good metric. And yes, some probably manipulate it to make it look better. What’s more important - earnings per user, what they pay per install or percentage of the revshare. And of course the biggest indicator is revenue, have a few networks in your apps, switch them up, text and see who pays you best. Since we have no control over eCMPs or anything testing is the only way

Hi Ganja Apps,

We currently pay net 45 but are trying to work towards net 30 or even net 7 in the near future.

Let me know if you have any other questions.