Ecpm $11553 Startapp 12/06/2014 Impression Number Problem

I had +15000 impressions for one app daily but in this day I have only 2 impressions and 23 dollars so ecpm is $11553.75, anyone who had same problem

I have a lot of impressions with 0 ecpm. I will leave this network.

why don’t you just contact support? They answer at emails within 1 day… and they are helpful.

i’m on admob, and i’ll give you example for today (every day is similar)
my eCPM on one of my apps is 0,02$ but i have above 30000 impressions
my other app has eCPM 100$ but it has less than a 10 impressions
on every network you will face that problem. lower the impressions - higher the eCPM. if your eCPM is $11553 and you make 1000 impressions, you will get these money. but closer you reach 1000 impressions, this eCPM will drop. sometimes i get eCPM 1$ in the morning, and the time i reach 20 000 impressions in the middle of the day, the eCPM is below 0,10$. this is how it works. maybe CTR have something to do with it…

I contacted them but there is no reply

They always feedback, but I often not satisfy from their answers. My traffic almost from US, EU. But eCPM often 0.3-0.5$. How terrible!

This day’s result is same 1 impression $17433.75 ecpm $ 17.43 revenue :frowning: