ECP on leadbolt notification ads

Been using leadbolt for a bit now and i have noticed a good sized drop in ECP for notification ads lately. The clicks and impressions average about the same but ECP is dropping. Am i the only one seeing this?

I went from an average of 4 cents ECP for quite a while down to 2 and even 1 cent is happening today. 1 cent ECP really sucks.

Is this due to how much the advertisers are buying ads for or for some other reason?

Can you tell me what “ECP” is. Do you mean CPC or CPM ?

in leadbolts dashboard they list it by ECP (Earnings per Click).

my ECP yesterday was 3 cents for a certain app and made $9.12 (299 clicks) 2,973 imp
my ECP today is 1 cent for that app so far its doing $2.89 (201 clicks) 2,592 imp

kinda terrible to get whacked down to 1/3rd for what will prob be the same clicks and impressions if not better by the end of the day.

What do you expect? leadbolt has been on the decline since the beginning of the year. Their CPM is such crap averaging like $.05-.10
They are also losing advertisers from what I hear …so they are lacking inventory and as result fillrates going coming close to 50%.

Well even tho the ecp is 1 cent I am still getting about $1.10 cpm with a click through rate of 11% so if the ecp goes back up I will be sitting good.

I guess I am just pissed it dropped so suddenly.

Can you share us some experience on how to get a nice CTR? Or it’s a common average rate using this push ad format
Do you get some nagetive feedbacks from users complaining about push ads?
We got some bad feedback on google play using push ads :frowning:

So i think after pouring through data like a maniac i have figured out what is going on with leadbolt.

From all my apps on leadbolt there are 6 that stand out as the real revenue producers. The other 10 are new so they haven’t really done much yet and don’t cause much impact. I setup a spreadsheet of each app and its daily ECP. There was a crap ton of data but it didn’t really show much at all to begin with. until i sorted them to show date groupings of low ECP. Then an answer came out.

This is an average and not a giant amount of data so take it with a grain of salt. Each week each app gets a very low ECP for at least 2 days. Each app also gets a very high ECP for 2 days. When these days are randomly dispersed there is guaranteed days that will be utter crap. But on the other side there will also be days that will blow my mind. Unfortunately i haven’t had leadbolt running long enough to get that gigantic day when all the high ECP’s align. But i did by chance get a few days in a row of utter crap days.

You will get some bad reviews with push ads. Its guaranteed. Just don’t do them all the time. My schedule for notification ads is this. 4 hours after installation for the initial one, then one every 2 days (48 hours) after that.

The high click through rate is due to the notification ads being added after the apps had a combined quarter million downloads. The daily update rate keeps that going artificially strong. This is a good reason to force auto updating if you possibly can.