Eclipse is no longer supported in future

Android Studio is going to be the official iDE for android development from now on. The only thing I miss in Android Studio is working on multiple projects as we can in Eclipse.
Android website has removed the Eclipse SDK bundle which included sdk and IDE. I have the latest version stored on cloud. If anyone needs it just let me know.

Wish u guys get accustomed to AS soon :slight_smile:

Heard it in news yesterday.

But i was not aware of this that eclipse is out from android development now.

yeah the Android plugin for Eclipse will not get any feature updates. Though newer API’s one can download using the SDK manager

Eclipse said they will update the ADT themselves. Lazy Google can’t even support 2 IDEs…

would you please share the latest ADT Bundle link

Sharing the torrent file for Windows 32 bit here (will work on windows 64 bit also, make sure to use 32 bit JDK):

Note: Torrent is seeded by me.

ADT full of bugs and Google does not want to fix long time ago.

Yes, I was expecting something like this is going to happen in near future ! :rolleyes:

oh boy… when they will let us stay in calm for let’s say… a week? :slight_smile:

Last 6 months I have spend more time on updating SDKs and maintaining old apps (because they had to be updated because of the Android ID) than on making new things.

Even for AS, google is release new version like crazy (1-2 weeks new version of AS).
Unity looks good option to me but not sure if we can make all kind of apps in Unity.

Any body pls confirm if Unity somehow allows access to Android SDK API. If not, will have to migrate to AS.

All the wearable tech ADT won’t come to Eclipse out of the box, some workaround will be required.

Edit: SDK is independent of IDE. The Android plugin for Eclipse from Google will not support wearable sdk

I don’t think Eclipse will have any problems dealing with new Android SDKs - firstly, the Android SDK updates independently of Eclipse (only ADT won’t be updated), secondly, Eclipse will provide their own ADT from what I read. I tried Android Studio but it’s just not for me. I will use Eclipse as long as posibble, but Unity is also a tempting option.

where? Has Eclipse made any announcement?

I’ve seen this written somewhere, it had different name than ADT, but for the live of me, can’t find it now. I will update the post when/if I manage to find it.