EasyPPT - your presentation is always with you! (Free App)

Are you going to present a new concept, business plan, propose a strategy as a PowerPoint presentation on a big screen?

You don’t need to carry your files on a USB stick or access your email account - no more this unnecessary hassle! Meet EasyPPT for your Android phone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=oung.jin&feature=search_result#?t=W10! With EasyPPT you can launch and control your presentation on a big screen right from your phone and there is more features to enjoy:

-Insert text with pen or by hand - write something on a phone screen with your hand or a pen and see it automatically appear on a big screen;
-Detects pen pressure - take a full adventure of multi-touch by applying different pressure as you’re writing on a phone screen and varying a line thickness on a big screen;
-Turning pages - turn pages in the app and get them turned on a big screen;
-Photo taking function - take photos on your phone and sync them automatically on a PC to show on a big screen;
-Viewer function - open files from a PC to show on a big screen remotely from your phone;
-Download PC file/send phone file - once connected over wifi, all files can be saved on the phone and can be sent to PC

Take a look at the video to learn more about the app`s abilities: EasyPPT